外山雅大[Masatomo Toyama]
1992年11月20日生まれ [20, November, 1992]
茗渓学園高等学校2011年卒業 [Meikei High School]
早稲田大学政治経済学部2016年卒業 [Waseda Univ. PSE]

We must be realists with loyalty to ideals. We have too many realists without ideals.


Masatomo Toyama is a Marketer of Nyle Inc. Which is the web consulting and Internet media solution company.

[2013.10 ~ 2015.3]
He worked in ponnuf inc. Which manages any web medias. So, he has an experience of editor and writer of web media. Attributing to these skills, he managed his owned media “India Note”​ and established a share house “Indeeds House” for Japanese in Bangalore. They are online and offline platform of Japanese younger who study programming, English or will be the global entrepreneur.

[2015.3 ~ current]
He works in Nyle inc. He belongs to the marketing team of Smartphone Media Division. Appliv is the no.1 Japanese Smartphone review media service. He commits the growth of the service from the marketing side like SEO, Site Analytics and Project Management.

Digital Marketing (Server Side SEO, Google Analytics)
Data Science (Python, R, SQL, Statistics, Machine Learning)
Web Design (Fire Works, Photoshop, Experience Design)
Programming (React, Vue, Laravel, Django, Node, Tensorflow, Keras)
HR & Management (Recruting Strategy, Team Management)

外山 雅大(とやま まさとも)


* Business Development(新規事業立ち上げ、事業設計)
* Web Marketing(SEO、アクセス解析、SNSプロモーション、企画、市場調査、ライティング)
* Programming (HTML、CSS、SQL、Python、CakePHP、Linux)
* Human Resources (採用、組織設計、チームマネジメント)

We must be realists with loyalty to ideals. We have too many realists without ideals.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

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