外山雅大[Masatomo Toyama]
1992年11月20日生まれ [20, November, 1992]
茗渓学園高等学校2011年卒業 [Meikei High School]
早稲田大学政治経済学部2016年卒業 [Waseda Univ. PSE]

We must be realists with loyalty to ideals. We have too many realists without ideals.


Masatomo Toyama is a marketer of Nyle Inc. Which is the web consulting and Internet media solution company.

Owned media “Appliv”​ is No.1 smartphone application review web media in Japan.

In 2015, Nyle decided to expand the market for foreign countries, especially English ones. I was an analyst of the global market, staying in Bangalore from Sep, 2014 to Mar, 2015.
During the term, I also worked in Beenos (Beenext) which is the Japanese Venture Capital and accelerator as an associate.

Before joining Nyle, I worked in ponnuf inc. Which manages any web medias. So, I have an experience of editor and writer of the web media. According to these skills, I manage my owned media “India Note”​ and established a share house “Indeeds House” for Japanese youngers in Bangalore. They are online and offline platform of Japanese younger who study programming, English or will be the global entrepreneur.

Now, I belong to international affairs devision and am a producer and head manager of development sites in Cebu, called NYLE ASIA PACIFIC Inc. I prepare for establishing such base and recruit the candidate of local managers and writers. We will estimate to establish 10 bases all over the world for 3 years.

I wish to No.1 Asian Global marketer, also growth Nyle being valued more than 10B$.

大学3年次にインド、バンガロール市にて半年間留学を経験。「バンガロールに100人の日本人を呼び込む」をテーマにWebメディアIndia Note、日本人向けシェアハウスIndeeds Houseの創設、運営を行う。同時に日系のベンチャーキャピタルBEENOS(現BEENEXT)にて約3ヶ月間アソシエイトとしてインドのスタートアップ企業の調査、訪問を経験。

帰国後、ナイル株式会社インターネットメディア事業部海外推進室に配属となり、2015年6月末より子会社NYLE ASIA PACIFICに出向。現地にて品質管理、人材採用の責任者代行としてAppliv海外版のサービス開発に取り組む。2016年4月より新卒としてナイルに入社。メディアサービス部門マーケティングチーム配属となり、国内、海外両方のサービスのマーケティングを担当中。



* Business Development(新規事業立ち上げ、事業設計)
* Web Marketing(SEO、アクセス解析、SNSプロモーション、企画、市場調査、ライティング)
* Programming (HTML、CSS、SQL、Python、CakePHP、Linux)
* Human Resources (採用、組織設計、チームマネジメント)

We must be realists with loyalty to ideals. We have too many realists without ideals.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

facebook:Masatomo Toyama


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